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South Boston Information

South Boston is a densely populated neighborhood in Boston, Massachusetts, located south of the Fort Point Channel and abutting Dorchester Bay. It was formerly known as Dorchester Neck and today is referred to as “Southie” by its residents. South Boston is an Irish-American neighborhood, though a portion of its residents are of Lithuanian, Polish and Italian descent. According to the 2000 U.S. Census 86.98 percent of South Boston’s population is white. Asian-Americans are the next largest ethnic group with just under four percent, and African-Americans are just under three percent of the population.

The City Point area of South Boston, labeled “East Side” by realtors, has seen a major increase in property values due to its close proximity to downtown Boston and gentrification. Poorer areas around Andrew Square and the Lower End, referred to as the “West Side” by real estate brokers, face a lot of the same problems found in many city neighborhoods including drug addiction and street crime.

The section of South Boston north of First Street is targeted for massive redevelopment by the administration of Mayor Thomas Menino and the Boston Redevelopment Authority. Originally called the Seaport District, this area was renamed the South Boston Waterfront after virulent protest from local politicians, including City Councilor James Kelly. The Central Artery/Tunnel Project, also known as the “Big Dig” has created a completely new transportation network for this area and quite a few new hotel and office projects have come online in the past few years. The recently opened Boston Convention and Exhibition Center straddles D Street and a new home for the Institute of Contemporary Art hangs over Boston Harbor just north of Northern Avenue.

South Boston is served by three Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Red Line rapid transit stations: Broadway, Andrew and JFK/Umass (formerly Columbia). MBTA bus service connects these stations with the residential areas of South Boston, downtown Boston and the Back Bay. The MBTA Silver Line, a bus rapid transit service running partly in a tunnel from South Station, also serves the north side of South Boston and City Point.