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Mission Hill

Mission Hill Information

Mission Hill is a neighborhood in the Roxbury section of Boston, Massachusetts. It started as a farming community and steadily progressed from a location for country estates for rich Bostonians, to a location for industry, including many breweries, and finally to a streetcar suburb. Today, Mission Hill is home to a diverse community and most recently has been home for thousands of students from nearby Massachusetts College of Art and Northeastern University. As of less than 10 years ago Mission Hill was regarded as an extremely dangerous neighborhood home to one of the city’s largest projects (mission park) but as Northeastern University, which is located in the neighborhood, has risen in recognition and as those driven out of nearby South End have looked for new places to live, Mission Hill has been transformed seemingly overnight into an extremely livable and diverse neighborhood. Buildings have been fixed up, markets have moved in and the future looks bright. In the late 1990′s Mission Hill did something that many did not think was possible by beginning to gentrify Roxbury.