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Fenway-Kenmore Apartment Rentals

Fenway-Kenmore is a neighborhood (sometimes thought of as two neighborhoods) in Boston, Massachusetts. It is the home of Fenway Park, the famous CITGO sign, Kenmore Square, much of Boston University, the Berklee College of Music, Emmanuel College, Simmons College, and the Museum of Fine Arts.

Fenway-Kenmore can be considered one neighborhood as far as representation in the city council goes, but in reality is composed of numerous neighborhoods with two very different feels.

Fenway is a neighborhood bounded on the south by the Back Bay Fens, on the north by the Mass Pike, and on the east by the Riverway. Fenway is one of the last middle class neighborhoods left in downtown Boston. The neighborhood almost entirely comprised of five- to six-story walk-up apartment buildings, with small, independently owned shops scattered throughout. Racially, Fenway is predominantly white but also has a large population of Chinese and African Americans. The crime-rate in the neighborhood remains relatively low. The neighborhood feels somewhat isolated from the rest of downtown due to the large park and major highway that act as the neighborhood’s boundaries. With its close proximity to major parks, Back Bay, Boston University, Northeastern University and the Longwood cultural district, and being home to Fenway Park, Fenway may be Boston’s last untapped real estate gem. Due to aging buildings, a lack of parking and little interest from fellow city dwellers, however, significant real estate development does not appear to be in the near future.

Kenmore is located north and east of Fenway respectively, and shares many of the same attributes of Fenway. The area is however less isolated and has a slightly more upscale atmosphere due to its proximity to the suburb of Brookline. Many students from nearby Boston University and Northeastern University reside in the neighborhood.

The Kenmore and Fenway sections are roughly divided by the Muddy River, which flows through the Back Bay Fens and into the Charles River.